Paper bags are made from a renewable resource. All our paper is sourced from fsc(forest stewardship council) approved mills.


Paper when thrown away does not cause damage to the environment as it naturally decomposes in 4 to 5 months.


Paper bags are reusable. More than 70% of consumers reuse a paper bag 3 to 4 times.


Paper is highly recyclable and the fibres used to make paper can be recycled upto 6 times.

Who we are? back in 2002 started as a small time hand made paper bag manufacturer to now pioneering the business of automated machine made bags in india and having a capacity to supply over 50 million paper bags a year

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About Us

Made From

Made from High strength, light Kraft paper sourced from managed & renewable forest resources.

Printed With

Printed with environment friendly water based inks using advanced waste filtration systems to aid our efforts in reducing emissions.


We champion recycling and reusing as the ultimate environmental solutions for single-use packaging, innovating to enable our products to live again as part of a circular economy. We make sustainable and ethical packaging, providing our customers with peace of mind that they are one step closer to helping our planet.

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Brown Kraft Paper

Brown Kraft paper is unbleached to retain the natural wood colour and keep chemical treatments to a minimum, making it a 100% natural biomaterial and a genuine ecological alternative: it is bio-based, biodegradable, recyclable and compostable. Kraft paper is a natural, biodegradable and compostable material

It cares for the Environment -

  • It is biodegradable and made from Renewable raw materials.
  • Managed forests ensure that forests always grow faster than they are felled.
  • An added bonus from afforestation is that the trees absorb Carbon Dioxide providing health benefits to all.

Our Strengths

State-of-the-art infrastructure with advanced waste filtration systems
In depth knowledge of the process and substrates with over 2 decades of experience in the industry
Well established and reputed supply chain of raw material which maintain the highest environmentally ethical standards
Short lead times & Consistent quality
Globally competitive pricing